Summer Of ’69

I couldn’t have been asleep for more than a couple of hours when screams of laughter made me sit up in bed. I pulled the window shade aside and saw twenty kids standing in my carport and I was so very pleased to see them. Our family, eight kids and two adults, had just arrivedContinue reading “Summer Of ’69”

We The People Love Our Calendars

We The People celebrate patriotism. We take a day to reflect on America’s struggle to be civil to one another.  The scope and magnitude of these conflicts and their impact on We The People was so great, they appear in our calendars.  Americans aren’t content with one calendar, which is why men like Lincoln, Kennedy,Continue reading “We The People Love Our Calendars”

Enlightenment Has a Righteous Dark Side

Because life is hard to unpack and myriad paths exist to find meaning in our lives, the species has allowed the Scientific and Religious communities to dominate every conversation about what Everyman’s purpose is in this life, and the next, and it has to stop. Science says masturbation is good, Religion says it’s bad butContinue reading “Enlightenment Has a Righteous Dark Side”

There is no cure for PTSD

I’ve lived with PTSD for 50-years but I wasn’t alone in my grief. Everyone who has come in contact with me has sensed an underlying tension. It’s true. That tension, for me, was the only constant in my life; it’s a non-stop buzzing feeling, like there is an electrical current running through my spine andContinue reading “There is no cure for PTSD”

Medical Marijuana for Anxiety; mind the gap

There exists a gulf of misinformation regarding the efficacy of medical marijuana as we’ve seen on the internet and since no two people will react the same in every medical situation yours will be unique and I can only speak for myself. I knew what I was getting into after reading Carlos Castaneda as aContinue reading “Medical Marijuana for Anxiety; mind the gap”

Should the US Gov Fund NFL Marijuana Research?

The National Football League (NFL) will begin funding studies of medical marijuana (medijuana) if they’re to push back on any notion that administering psychoactive drugs to the talent won’t be the undoing of the NFL. The NFL will have to be prepared to meet the Players’ challenge in a court of law going forward andContinue reading “Should the US Gov Fund NFL Marijuana Research?”

Stop Smoking, Live Longer

It’s easy to quit, I’ve done it a thousand times. I quit 31-years ago and never looked back. It takes three days for the body to forget nicotine and in that small window of opportunity is your chance to quit for good. The question is, do you possess mind over matter? Quitting cigarettes begins inContinue reading “Stop Smoking, Live Longer”

Medical Marijuana. Got Help?

If you’re like me and you have a prescription for medical marijuana (Mm), you prolly have a million questions and struggle to find answers. Couple that with the fact that you’re are under the influence of a psychoactive drug. It’s been my experience, the real roadblock with Mm is the stigmatism associated with recreational marijuanaContinue reading “Medical Marijuana. Got Help?”