Medical Marijuana for Anxiety; mind the gap

There exists a gulf of misinformation regarding the efficacy of medical marijuana as we’ve seen on the internet and since no two people will react the same in every medical situation yours will be unique and I can only speak for myself.

I knew what I was getting into after reading Carlos Castaneda as a freshman in high school. I was first introduced to the spiritual component of mind altering substances in written word first, before seeking the path first hand.

The difference between seeking and seeing is a K; as in Knew.

I knew going in I would not come out the other end the same man, that forces would work for and against me, at every fork in my path. The forks represent the billions of choices I’ve made over a life of sixty-plus-years of carving out my own pathway and none were regrettable because everyone of them lead me right here.

I celebrate myself anymore because of my longevity. I never could have imagined when I was thirteen that I would be singing When I’m Sixty-Four at sixty-four and yet, here I am singing a song recorded fifty years ago today, written by a man as a tribute to his own father who had just turned sixty-four.

My father could have never prepared me for life as I know it. He couldn’t begin to imagine the kind of world I would grow up in when he was thirteen and living on a working farm in Winters, California. I know very little about my father, but I do know he spent a year living in a sanitarium for tuberculosis and probably thought to himself on more than one occasion he would never live to be sixty-four.

My father suffered his first heart attack at sixty-three but would live to play golf until he was eighty-five. He never lived until he turned sixty-four, whereas I started living when I was thirteen and therein lies the gap.

I prayed spiritually for guidance when I was lost but my father’s ego wouldn’t allow him to admit it when he didn’t know which way to turn, so my father grew up isolated and alone, even after he’d married and had eight children, he never stopped searching for meaning in life. He found it though, in grandchildren, and that lasted just a few years before he died of a broken heart; realizing late in life that giving love is so much more satisfying than receiving.

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