Enlightenment Has a Righteous Dark Side

Because life is hard to unpack and myriad paths exist to find meaning in our lives, the species has allowed the Scientific and Religious communities to dominate every conversation about what Everyman’s purpose is in this life, and the next, and it has to stop.

Science says masturbation is good, Religion says it’s bad but there are tens-of-millions of people who masturbate religiously, some suffering from carpal tunnel, who are being completely ignored because they don’t fall into either camp. 😉

If you’re blazing your own trail through the thicket of life, look behind you, is anyone following you? Are you sure?

If you’re dependent, you’re on someone else’s path. If the path is not your own, then you can expect to be passed up by people who have embraced their dependency and are marching, some sprinting, to the trailhead of your path. What awaits you when you arrive at your destination? Whatever it is, fortune or failure, it comes from those who passed you on the trail.

Independent people refuse to be dependent on anyone, or anything, because it can be an Achilles heel; dependency is a double-edge sword and when you’re hacking and chopping away at the underbrush, you could sweep your own legs out from under you.

If you’re like me, Sixty-five, unfollowed and have managed to live this long then you must be doing something right. I know I wasn’t followed, because until now, no one had ever heard of me.

I’m Jeremiah Johnson, the war veteran who walked off into the wilderness and dropped off the grid, tired of war, tired of intolerant people in general, who refuse to go along to get along.

I can live without electricity, can you? There is no electricity in the wilderness and Winter is Coming.



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