Stop Smoking, Live Longer

It’s easy to quit, I’ve done it a thousand times. I quit 31-years ago and never looked back.

It takes three days for the body to forget nicotine and in that small window of opportunity is your chance to quit for good.

The question is, do you possess mind over matter?


Quitting cigarettes begins in the mind weeks before your declaration to stop. It becomes necessary to deconstruct every occasion you spend smoking if you are to destroy your defense of smoking.

Mind over matter can be a healing process for some and a crutch for others. You can use the mind for good or bad, you need only make up your mind.

Once you commit, you have to destroy any notion that smoking cigarettes is a positive thing. It isn’t. It never was, but the tobacco companies did everything in their power to suck you in to their poisonous vortex by glamorizing tobacco with its use in film, television, and literature.

Brainwashed into thinking smoking is cool, like James Dean.

Smoking isn’t cool. It’s deadly in the hands of the user and assaults the senses of everyone around, especially your kids.

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