Should the US Gov Fund NFL Marijuana Research?

The National Football League (NFL) will begin funding studies of medical marijuana (medijuana) if they’re to push back on any notion that administering psychoactive drugs to the talent won’t be the undoing of the NFL.

The NFL will have to be prepared to meet the Players’ challenge in a court of law going forward and using trite, fear-induced soundbites is no defense.

This will be a good thing for the medijuana industry and its patient community because there is a lot of willful ignorance regarding this subject that is destroying people’s lives.

The NFL is a business of magnitude and to protect its investment they will fund the science that will either prove or disprove medijuana’s efficacy. It would be in everyone’s best interest if the US government financed the NFL medical marijuana study.

This will be the first serious look at marijuana for pain relief and the American government should be involved. What better platform than the NFL, a sports franchise, that includes a standard for a full-spectrum of pain management using both simple and complex marijuana compounds for relief from the deadly opioids doctors are so quick to dispense.

At some point, the US Government must take the reins on the research and development of marijuana and its impending impact on the American economy because as each state legalizes pot and it swiftly finds its way into American business, Federal employees have to get on the same page as their state counterparts.

The American government’s reluctance to get behind this medijuana movement is a crippling force for some military veterans like me looking for relief, who are forced to compromise and hide our ‘criminal behavior’, purposefully keeping it from our doctors who cannot, by law, discuss this aspect of our treatment. That’s criminal.


So I pay out of pocket for my own treatment. I self-medicate and my VA doctor is clueless about what my needs are. I question a VA doctor’s judgement if they’re making decisions for treatment if the patient is purposefully withholding information.

Imagine if a VA doctor could ask, why?

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